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Updated: Nov 28, 2022


Today I'm grateful for (pick something, anything.)

Every day, before your feet hit the ground when you wake, take a second and acknowledge ONE THING you're grateful for.

It can be a person, place, attribute, water, circumstance, lesson learned, treasured moment, a new perspective, indoor plumbing, rainbows on rainy days, public transportation, your freedom, comfy chairs, sunshine, a favorite sweater, etc.

My personal reminder to be grateful is Dirty Dishes. I was fortunate enough to have a great grandmother who taught me that even dirty dishes had a story to tell, "Others are going hungry, but we are eating very well."

If you're in the mood to show off, write a few down.

Love & Full Mugs


That's the G in GRIND. R is for Reflection..... next post.

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