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Updated: Nov 28, 2022


​​Find a mirror and speak to the person staring back at you. Talk to them like you're on their team and you're rooting for them.

Talk to that person like their next move effects your life and all they need to win is a reminder of who they are and what they're capable of. I know it can seem awkward if you've never tried speaking to yourself purposefully and intentionally. High Level performers, from athletes to entertainers, use affirmations on a daily basis to program their mind for success. It can be very empowering. So, when you finish brushing your teeth or while you're doing your hair... speak aloud so your hunger hears it. Do it daily until your long term memory starts to hold onto it.

I remember years ago listening to Les Brown talk about a research study he heard about from Harvard. The findings were astonishing. He mentioned learning that for every one time you hear something negative, you need to hear its positive counterpart 17 times. Whoa!

Who knows better than your reflection, all of the lies and unkindness your subconscious has absorbed. Your subconscious mind controls your beliefs, emotions, ideas and habits. Imagine what you could do if you jumped in the driver's seat and did the programming. We've all got some work to do. You're worth it. We're cheering for you.

Here's a fact for each day of the week:

You are Mentally & Physically Healthy

You are Open to New Opportunities

You are the Creator of Your Reality

You are Wealthy & Worthy of Abundance

You are Attracting the Life you Want

You are Capable of Learning New Things

You are Resilient & Protected

Remember, if you're feeling bold or really want to go deeper..... write some things down.

Love & Full Mugs


Reflection is the R in GRIND. I is for Introspection. Next post...

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